A Spiritual Break: Moments of Calm

Sometimes, not that often, we get to experience the feeling our life is drifting on. Not out of control, like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, but rather ebbing to and fro like the ocean tide.
I must admit not having experienced this feeling myself for very long. Personally, I am a bit of meddler, and even if things are going along smoothly, will always be seeking some new challenge, excitement or meaning in what is happening. Occasionally though, the wonder of just “being” comes over me in a daily routine and that wondrous drifting effect then descends on me.
Moments and experiences like this are the downtime and peace we can enjoy merely resting in Christ. There are the reassurances we need when turmoil has been surrounding the hours and we are called to take a walk on the beach; metaphorically speaking at least.
These calming moments are often given to us as a gift, something occurs which causes us to move into “neutral” neither moving forward or backward, just sitting where we are. The references to these moments are multifold in scripture, as is the many times where God just calls us to do the same. To remain in Him.
I was talking to a friend this week about a contemplative retreat where they experienced centering prayer, then a silent walk in the gardens and a second silent centering prayer session to follow. This contemplative “sandwich” made me recognize how much a walk somewhere without agenda, purpose or even intention can be a wonderful way of experiencing a drifting prayer. Have you ever experienced a “drifting prayer”? How did it feel?
Where the encounter happens is timeless because we are not focused on timing the event. Just the desire to rest in Him.


Moving from the gray to the light seemed inevitable;
As the darkness dissipates as if it was never there.
And eyes adjust to a new way of looking;
Squeezing the daylight out once more.

Leaving the dark place behind.

Photograph and Reflection Copyright 2018 Michael J. Cunningham

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