A Spiritual Break: Total Transparency…gift? Or goblin?

Total Transparency…gift? Or goblin?

How confident are you that you’re going to heaven?  Are you very confident, somewhat hopeful, a bit worried, or maybe afraid that you’ll never make it?  Many of us find it hard to imagine how God sees us.  We work so hard to present our best selves to the public we can forget that God sees everything about us, the private darkness as well as the public image.  And, when we do remember that, it can be a bit scary because we all have a darker side.  None of us are strangers to jealousy, envy, pride, anger, lust, greed, and the list goes on!  We usually try to hide those parts of us from most people but sometimes is oozes out…much to our embarrassment.  And while many people may not notice, God sees it all, good or bad, complimentary or embarrassing.

If we do find ourselves struggling with some anxiety about how God sees us, there’s an intriguing passage in the Gospel that can be something of a surprise for us.  Jesus tells us that we are a light for the world.  We need to put ourselves on a stand and let our light shine for all to see!  Who?  Me?!

Yet, that is what Jesus tells his disciples!  Whether we feel confident about our relationship with God or not, it seems that God has a great deal of confidence in us.  He tells us that we are to get up on the lampstand and shine for all the world to see.  We are to be living witnesses of God’s love for the world.  Even though he knows that we’re not perfect, or rich, or powerful, or famous, or whatever else we imagine is essential to do the job, Jesus still tells us that we have everything we need within us.  And that “everything” consists of God’s love for us!

So, we may need to look a bit more seriously at the ways we understand our lives and our relationship with God.  For example, how convinced am I that I am called to be a living witness to God’s love for the world and for the people in my life?  Or, am I even willing to risk responding to that call?  Or, what are the blessings and gifts God has given to me (to share)?  Do I trust that God will reveal Himself through my life?

It is always a challenge to listen to Jesus and do what he asks.  Today, my prayer for you is that you will let your light shine so everyone can see what God’s love has done in you.


When You Have Something To Say

“If you have something to say try and make it be two things.
Make it important and make it true.”

In remembrance of Fr. Michael Hoolahan, C.P. by Michael Cunningham

Reflection Copyright Michael Higgins, C.P.

Photography and Poem Copyright 2018 by Michael J. Cunningham OFS

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