How critical are you?

How critical are you? Even good people get criticized.  If you ever read the Scriptures, you can’t help but realize how devastating constant criticism of someone can be.  In fact, in the Scriptures it seems that the better the person is, the more often and cruelly they are criticized! Have you ever read the BookContinue reading “How critical are you?”

The Pearl of Great Price

About 8 years ago around this time of year, our daughter-in-law was hospitalized due to a medication reaction. My husband and son are both CPA’s and were working 7 days a week at that time. That day I was charged with looking after our 2 and ½ year old grandson, Mikey, and 8-month-old granddaughter, Cate. I willContinue reading “The Pearl of Great Price”

A Spiritual Break: Understanding Part II – A Gift of the Holy Spirit

Last week we talked a little about Understanding and Lent. This week I want to dig into this a little more. When we consider the word “understanding” we can think of it in two ways, the secular psychological definition or a spiritual one. The psychological one focuses on our “mind-view” of the word, as illustratedContinue reading “A Spiritual Break: Understanding Part II – A Gift of the Holy Spirit”

UNDERSTANDING … Do I really understand others?

Lent is a great time to reflect. We often look at how we are doing in our own spiritual life and how best we might be able to improve ourselves and our relationship with Christ. Noble goals and efforts. My own 2019 Lenten season started out with a slightly different bent than in previous years.Continue reading “UNDERSTANDING … Do I really understand others?”

What regrets hold you hostage??

What regrets hold you hostage?? Have you ever done anything you regretted?  If you haven’t, I want to meet you because I’ve never met anyone who didn’t regret some things in their lives.  It seems that regret is something of a universal, human experience!  It’s no surprise to have regrets.  After all, sometimes we takeContinue reading “What regrets hold you hostage??”

Can a Photograph be a Prayer?

  Can a photograph be a prayer? During a recent retreat program this year, I briefly mentioned the prayer form known as Visio Divina, which means Divine Seeing. In the Catholic Church, we use visuals for just about everything to remind us and bring us into prayer with God. Crucifixes, statues, images, and paintings allContinue reading “Can a Photograph be a Prayer?”

What’s your favorite story from Scripture?

What’s your favorite story from Scripture? Many of us have favorite stories from Scripture.  At least, I do.  One of my favorites is the story of David and Goliath found in the First Book of Samuel.  Clearly, I’m not the only one who savors this story as it is referenced again and again in situationsContinue reading “What’s your favorite story from Scripture?”

God’s Voicemail

When we hear those infamous words “the call,” those of my generation think about it as something restricted to saints or vocations for the religious life. We view the words as something sacred, yet something unattainable for us mere mortals. It is left to those special ones chosen by Christ to do the “important” workContinue reading “God’s Voicemail”