Rarely has there been a time in history when the need for peace has been greater.
We gather as an online prayerful community to ask our beloved God to influence all those who can bring about peace in the world. 

San Damiano Prayer for Peace in the Middle East

We pray for the injured, the dead, the maimed, the homeless, the orphans, the widows and widowers, families, and caregivers of all who will receive the gift of God’s love in all of this turmoil. 

That they may be comforted. 

That they may be consoled. 

That they may continue to love when love seems to have diminished in their lives.

That they may see light from the darkest hours, before and behind them. 

That they may find peace. 

That they may find peace. 

That they may find peace.

Copies of this in a prayer card form is available from San Damiano Retreat, 710 Highland Dr., Danville, CA

Image and Text Copyright 2023 Michael J. Cunningham OFS

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